Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Euchre - The short film

A few weeks ago after much scrambling about one Friday afternoon, I managed to snag hold of a Canon 7D and took it out with me on the Saturday to shoot a rock climbing short film.

I had been listening to a certain piece of music and it struck me it could work well, my brother and I have seen many a climbing video before and both agree that the music can be just as important as the climb they are on.

I had a lot of fun during this day, every aspect of the whole process was very new to me and a bit of a learning curve, unfortunately I broke one of my tripod legs about an hour into the session so apologies for a couple of shaky hand held scenes (it was about 16 degrees)

For the video editing I used Final Cut Pro 7.0, and about 15 you tube video tutorials to get me off and running. I really enjoyed this aspect very much, hopefully some video work could become a part of my mainstream work, actually I have no doubt it will, especially with internet speeds increasing every few months.

I hope you enjoy 'Euchre' - Music by DJ Shadow, and featuring my brother Mitchell.


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