Tuesday, April 26, 2011


For me, Easter was an opportunity to reconnect with the camera and simply take shots because I felt like it. My wife and I holidayed with close friends on the South Coast of Australia for a few days, playing silly board games between rounds of poker and 500 and numerous bottles of wine, all while listening to vinyl records, all of which were older than we were.

I needed this break. I relished it. I took with me my nikon digital camera, and the Yashica Mat124 with a roll of 120 film. 

Old Bombo Quarry - Bombo, NSW - Nikon D200
Having some time away from my work allowed me to re-focus on my plans for this year. I am still working on breaking into the commercial photography world, and the competition I ended up as a finalist for last year, Projections, has just open calls for entries again for this year, so I found some time to make plans for this and get motivated!

I hope everyone else out there had a great Easter also!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Power of Self

Please take 30 seconds to vote for me in the 'Power of Self" Self portrait competition that could see me get a year of my life PAID FOR so I can continue to be creative, as well as getting me to NEW YORK!