Friday, December 17, 2010

Glebe Tram Yards

Yesterday I drove to Glebe to check out the old tram yards that are there after doing some research into some possible locations for fashion/editorial photoshoots.

While I've assisted on many a location shoot, I've never really completed too many of them myself as a photographer, a majority of my work has been done within the wonderful confines of a studio, and having one available to me is something I really do miss.

Walking into the tram yard was a bizarre experience, the big metal door was wide open and has a constant groan eminating from its hinges as the breeze pushes against it. The noise of the door and the damp, mouldy odour is enough to make the huge space intimidating. It had been mentioned to me in the past to just keep an eye out for the odd homeless who may be using the facility to sleep.

About two minutes after I had arrived three other guys walked in and instantly I feel more at ease. Safety in numbers. I couldn't care less whether they were photographers or taggers, or as I discovered, a little of both.

As I wander around the premises and take shots I am constantly thinking would this work as a fashion shoot. Do you go for some amazingly coloured dresses that really stand out or would you go for a 'trashy fashion' grunge concept. There's certainly enough spots in here to put together an editorial. However the biggest question that invades my thought process is also the one that would make or break a photoshoot here, "Would I bring a model, stylist, make up artist and hair stylist in here in the first place?"

Throughout the hour and a half I am there I am met with around four other photographers, all wandering around doing the exact same thing as me, some my age, some twice my age. The eerie nature of the place begins to dissipate once the realisation hits that this is in fact quite a popular place for photographers, and I can't blame them.

As I was unsure of what I was in for I only bring with me what I can sling around my neck (am prepared to part with should my day turn to mud...). 1 camera body, 1 lens, and 1 CF card. I probably could have spent more time shooting the intricate details of this place, though I walk back to the car as my card is full.


It was enjoyable to be out there and shooting for nobody but myself. The nature of the day has sparked my interest in visiting a few other locations that have been long-abandoned. I begin some more research into other Sydney locations and wait for the next day off.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Never spent so much time

I swear I have never dedicated as much time researching and developing a concept as I have with my latest one.

If I had worked like this back in high school I might have done alright.

The concept I believe is pretty solid, its the general idea of how I want things posed etc that I am struggling with. Oh well wish luck.