Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The importance of a printed portfolio

I absolutely love my portfolio book. I picked it up from Adorama camera, a large photography store based out of the USA. The book itself was made by Pina Zangaro, as were the flex-hinge polyester sheets that allow the pages to open out flat in the book.

A point to raise on this subject however, is what is the actual significance of a printed portfolio in this day and age of simple and instant media such as the internet, as well as digital forms of presentations such as the Apple iPad?

If you've been approached by a client, an agency or a prospective boss, what are the chances that they have not seen any of your work and made assumptions of what is and what isn't possible for you? I know if I had a meeting with a photographer coming up, the first thing I would do is Google his ass.

What I love about my printed book is the results you can obtain when you put your hard work, and often a substantial amount of money into the printing process. A good print in my opinion can completely outshine a 72dpi Srgb web image any day of the week. Wonderful Machine have even gone to the trouble of videoing some of their photographers printed books to put on the web, which is found here. But who's to say that by the time you, the photographer, have answered the phone, put on some nice clothes, made the journey and sat in the waiting room, that you have not already been judged by the interviewers who have had a good look at the crappy res images on your website. Is the interview these days just to examine your personality, not your work?

Perhaps I'm a stickler for the days of old, but I placed an order for more prints about fifteen minutes ago...

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