Friday, August 27, 2010

The Ones To Watch

The Ones 2 Watch is a website in which both emerging and established photographers post editorial series they have taken, primarily non-commisioned work, for exposure to the public.

I think its a great idea and one day I'd love to grace these virtual pages.

The Ones 2 Watch

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Projections 2010

After a long and slightly drawn out start to the Projections 2010, the request for competition entries has now come and gone in a bit of a whirlwind. Hundreds of people have again submitted entries to the various categories, and submitted concepts to the $10,000 grant supported by "The Pool".

With entries for this years "Projections" competition now closed. I thought I might show you my competition entry for this year.

I've called this series "Depression".

"Depression" is a series of self-portraits designed to encapsulate the emotions people suffer through when battling with this debilitating mental illness.
Shot in and around several empty car parks, the purpose is to provide a sense of being along in a stark and desolate place, as well as using a common emotion connected with depression, of feeling as if you cannot be heard, as if you are a ghost.

Depression is one of the most common of all mental health problems. One in five people experience depression at some stage of their lives. Around one million Australian adults and 100,000 young people live with depression each year.

The concept of creating a ghostly image is something I had been playing with for a few months. I had two different ideas for the Projections this year, both centering around the same kind of locations I shot the depression series in. Shooting these kinds of placed took me back to when I first started shooting. I loved finding these big, empty areas in the late evening/night. With each shot I took I wondered if anyone was watching those security cameras that were pointed in my direction, if I'd get asked to move along... it makes you want to get the shot right within the first few clicks!

On other news, I have two or three assisting gigs lined up! Its taken a few weeks, more than a few coffees,  and a few headache tablets to get my name out there to as many people as I can, but finally starting to get a response is a real breath of fresh air. I just want to be out there and working more!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Javier Vallhonrat

Vallhonrat is my favourite photographer. His work is very unique and he has an easily recognisable style. I have always loved the concept of designing and building large sets to work with.
Based in Spain, Javier does a lot of shooting for several national Vogues, including British, Italian and Japanese.
If I could produce work like this one day I would be a very happy boy. I would learn Spanish just to assist for this man. I would love to know some of your favourite photographers.

More of Javier Vallhonrat's work can be seen at

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tomorrow When the War Began

I don't know about you guys, but I grew up as a teen reading the TWTWB series, which later had a second series called The Ellie Chronicles. Brilliant series of books and once I found out they were filming the movie, I was excited, yet apprehensive with the feeling that a series of books I treasure could not be made into a movie which did them justice. John Marsden held off on selling the movie rights for a long, long time as he felt the same way...once upon a time.

While the movie may not yet on our screens I can have a look at the movie posters:

Personally I think the first 'teaser' poster is stronger than the 'actual' movie poster. While in the book the group does blow a lot of things up, the whole 'motley crew in a flying v' thing I just think has the wrong feel to it, that's not what they were about..

Anyway I am not out to offend - just my humble opinion. If anyone has their own view to share I'd love to hear it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Colour Chart shirt

A leaving present from my previous studio position. Not sure how effective it would be... but i love the fact I could wear this down the street and maybe 1 in 50 (stats plucked out of my own head..) would understand what it is!